Prof. Dr. Jan Boman

Department of Mathematics, Stockhom University, Sweden


Working Areas: Radon transforms, Integral geometry, Mathematical problems related to Computerized tomography, Microlocal analysis

Title of the Talk: Injectivity of Generalised Radon transforms


Prof. Dr. Ronny Ramlau

Industrial Mathematics Institute Johannes Kepler University, Austria


Working Areas: Analysis of algorithms for solving (nonlinear) ill-posed Inverse Problems, Inverse Problems in Astronomy, Sparse Reconstructions, Inversion of SPECT (Single Photon Emmission Computed Tomography) data, Simultaneous Inversion and Segmentation of Tomography data by Minimization of the Mumford-Shah functional, Signal - and Image processing, Solution of PDE via SINC methods.

Title of the Talk: Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics Systems for Extremely Large Telescopes


Alexandre Jollivet

University of Washington Department of Mathematics, USA

Working Areas: Inverse problems, PDE, Mathematical physics. Inverse scattering problem, Inverse boundary value problem, Inverse transport problem, integral geometry. Newton-Einstein equation, Scattering data, Inverse kinetic problem, Dynamics in electromagnetic or gravitational field. Linear Boltzmann transport equation, Albedo operator, Boundary angularly averaged measurements, Photoacoustics, Stability estimates. Attenuated x-ray transform, SPECT, Steklov spectrum.

Title of the Talk: Inverse scattering for classical particles