Hotel Information


The conference will take place at the Congress Center located at famous Liberty Hotels, Lykia, Ölüdeniz, Fethiye,  Turkey.  This hotel is beautifully located between the Oludeniz Sea on one side and lush green forests and the  Babadaglari  mountains on the other. It offers a unique scene where blue and green become one; one step away, you enjoy historical places and archaeological sites that are well worth visiting. The hotel has two separate beaches one of which is 750 meters long and the other 650 meters, giving you plenty of beach to fully enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

According to the new agreement with the hotel and the International Organizing Committee, additional discounts are received now for registered invited lecturers in the following hotels. 

For registrated participants hotel rooms will be reserved by the organizing committee. 

Liberty Hotels, Lykia, Ölüdeniz, Fethiye,  Turkey

Special prices for registered invited lecturers are (per night):
Single room: 115 EURO; Double room: 200 EURO; Shared 100 EURO (per each person), Triple room: 90 EURO (per each person).
Prices include room, 3 meals, use of all bars, alcoholic drinks during lunch and dinner.

The hotel is located 70 km from Dalaman airport.

Liberty Hotels Ölüdeniz (Asena Beach), Ölüdeniz, Fethiye,  Turkey

This 4-star hotel is situated in Oludeniz Town. The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the famous Ölüdeniz beach and a 20-minute walk from the Liberty Hotels, Lykia.

Special prices for registered invited lecturers are (per night):
Single room: 63 EURO; Double room: 90 EURO; Shared: 45 EURO (per each person); Triple room: 40 EURO (per each person).
Prices include breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be served in the two restaurants of Liberty Hotels Lykia  (3-min walk from the Congress Center).

Transport to the conference center at Liberty Hotels, Lykia, will be provided each conference meeting day, by bus from the Liberty Hotels Oludeniz. Transport will be provided back to the hotel at the conclusion of the conference each day. Buses will begin departing from the hotel for the conference center at 08:30, on  May 23, 2016.

For registrated participants after February 29, 2016, the room rates will increase by 10%. 

Discounted prices valid only during the period ( May 23- 28, 2016) of the conference.