• Inverse Problems in: Tomography; Medical Imaging; Mechanics; Nondestructive Testing; Material Science; Underground Prospecting; Acoustics; Geosciences; Heat and Mass Transfer; Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Economics and Life Sciences; Electromagnetism; Theory of Solitons; Learning Theory

• Imaging
• Statistical and Probabilistic Methods
• Numerical Inversion Algorithms
• Identification Problems for Differential Equations
• Geometric Inverse Problems
• Radon Transforms and Integral Geometry
• Convex Analysis and Inverse Problems
• Inverse Problems and Signal Processing
• Regularization Techniques
• Design and Shape Optimization
• Inverse Scattering and Wave Propogation
• Solitons
• Determination of Boundary and Initial Conditions
• Inverse Coefficient and Source Problems
• Computational Methods Identifiability Concepts
• Spectral Inversion
• Data Analysis

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