Chair of the Conference:
Alemdar Hasanov Hasanoglu, Turkey

Roman Novikov, France
Eric Todd Quinto, USA 
Otmar Scherzer, Austria 
Cristiana Sebu, Malta

International Program Committee:
Giovanni S. Alberti, Italy 
Simon Arridge, UK 
Laurent Baratchart, France 
Thorsten Hohage, Germany 
Hiromichi Itou, Japan
Ming Jiang, China 
Sergey I. Kabanikhin, Russia 
Daniel Lesnic, UK 

Andreas Neubauer, Austria 
Thomas Schuster, Germany 
Shuhua Zhang, China

International Organizing Committee:
Onur Baysal, Brazil
Karel Van Bockstal, Belgium 
Alexandre Kawano, Brazil
Burhan Pektas, Turkey
Yanica Said, Malta
Cristiana Sebu, Malta (Chair) 

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Prof. Dr. Liliana Borcea

University of Michigan, USA

Inverse scattering in random media, Electro-magnetic inverse problems, Effective properties of composite materials, transport in high contrast, heterogeneous media

Prof. Dr. Bernd Hofmann

Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Regularization of inverse and ill-posed problems

Prof. Dr. John C Schotland

Yale University, USA

Inverse problems with applications to imaging, Scattering theory, Waves in random media, Nano-scale optics, Coherence theory and quantum optics

Prof. Dr. Erkki Somersalo

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Computational and statistical inverse problems, Probabilistic methods for uncertainty quantification, Modeling of complex systems, Biomedical applications

Prof. Dr. Gunther Uhlmann

University of Washington, USA

Inverse problems and imaging, Partial differential equations, Microlocal analysis, Scattering theory

Prof. Dr. Jun Zou

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Numerical solutions of electromagnetic Maxwell systems and interface problems, inverse and ill-posed problems, preconditioned and domain decomposition methods