The Eurasian Association on Inverse Problems (EAIP) was founded in 2013 (Registration Number: 35.060.187) by the Initiative Group of A. Hasanov Hasanoğlu, B. Hofmann, S. Kabanikhin, G. Nakamura, A. Neubauer, R. Novikov and V.G. Romanov as a non-governmental organization working to ensure a coordination between inverse problems research groups and scientific schools in Eurasian countries and elsewhere around the World, by providing international conferences, meetings and summer schools on inverse problems, both in theory and application.

Association has established an "EAIP Award" to recognize outstanding scientific contributions to the field of inverse problems and continuous efforts to foster cooperation between researchers of Eurasian countries. Candidates for the award may be nominated by their organizations as well as may apply themselves. Nomination materials (Cover Letter and CV including a complete list of publications) should be submitted via email to the IPMS Conference Secretariat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Application deadline for nominations is six months before the date of each IPMS conference.

The EAIP Award is given at each International Conference on "Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation" during the Opening Ceremony.

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